Giorgi Kancheli is a DJ and Producer. One of the most prominent and important persons of local techno scene. He is one of the authors of the Stare At DJ project and the 11th community member. His career counts more than ten years and is mainly focused on techno sound. His professional connection with music is related to the jazz band of Tbilisi , where Giorgi studied playing on drums. Later, he became interested in electronic music and started playing in different clubs. After several years of work, he also became interested in writing music, and as he says, her first releases will soon see the light of day. “Being a resident of a club such as BASSIANI is not easy. When people listen you periodically, they always expect something special from you. In such time you try to make each of your sets different and very special.” In Giorgi’s opinion, the club’s residency has many advantages along with challenges. First of all, it is expressed in being constantly in shape and having the possibility of artistic development.