Tornike Kvanchiani also known by his stage name ‘Kvanchi’ is a DJ, producer, serves as an A&R at BASSIANI Records and is a resident at HOROOM. He got interested in music when he started collecting classic Rock records at the age of 13-14. However, after years of listening to artists influenced by electronic sound, his taste for music transformed. During the early period of his career, sounds characteristic to Detroit, Chicago and New York proved to be crucial for him and defined his creative work. “For me, DJing is about the ability to communicate distinct emotions to the crowd in different situations, while not loosing the sense of the environment”, says Kvanchi. According to him, residency at HOROOM is a great responsibility. He believes that it is vital for the resident artist to be able to provide musical diversity, and to offer a sense of freshness to the crowd. Apart from DJing and production work, Kvanchi is also involved in the management process of BASSIANI Records, which serves as an opportunity for him to further delve into exploring curious sounds and artists.