NDRX is a DJ, one of the founders of the project Stare At Dj and the creator of “11th” community. In addition he is teaching the basics of DJing. Ambient, Experimental, Electro, Drum N Bass, Techno – A list of musical directions that characterize his 10-year musical career. He began to play music in the age of 17-18. By different musical influences and continuous creative researches NDRX has become quite eclectic and diverse DJ. One of the interesting pieces of his creative work was the Stare At Dj series, which contributed to the development of a local musical scene for several years. As for the “11th”, it is a direct initiative of a local scene that is developing everyday: “Everything started when I found out my grandfather’s old cabinet on the 11th floor in the soviet building of former Ministry of Construction. Later, other artists joined me and we created something like a community, friendly and cozy place where we help each other in development.” Another interesting step to NDRX’s musical activity was residency of BASSIANI. As he mentions, playing with artists with various musical directions is important experience and interesting challenge.