For Newa, when DJing, the emotional guidance she uses to locate the structure of her set is key. She builds something that has all the ingredients of classic techno and at the same time perfectly mirrors its present sound. She explores the low-level end of the bass-spectrum, as well as cunningly introducing squelchy acid together with intense melodies. Newa’s techno is direct with an intense presence, yet never forceful or intrusive.

Coming from the jazz scene (and being a classically trained musician) Ana Kublashvili chose the artist name Newa when she progressed into the electronic music field. Newa started out as a DJ in 2012 in her hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia, quickly making a name for herself around in the city’s famous nightlife spots. She is a regular at the world-renowned Bassiani venue, a space that has given her a foundation to establish her skills on an international scale. Newa is also a recurring favourite at Ben Klock’s touring event-series Photon.

When it comes to Newa’s own productions it is a direct transition from her sound as a DJ; she represents a nuanced artist, building her musical presence on technical skill and honest feelings. Her authenticity extends into the studio. What you discover when listening to her work is a producer who expertly manages to measure all elements; deep bass lines and sunken melodies coexist in harmony. Whether the end result is techno or an experimental ambient piece, she manages to create music resonating with depth and reflection. Subspiele Records debuted Newa’s first own productions in 2012, since then she has gone on to release records on fine labels such as Klockworks, Semantica and the Bassiani in-house label. Since 2016 she also co-runs the diverse Icontrax imprint; here the focus lies on presenting undiscovered local talent from the flourishing Georgian techno scene.