Objector Trax, also known as Giorgi Chitaladze, started his professional relationship with music with playing in post-punk and alternative rock band. As he says, the experience of working with different musical instruments has become an important push for interest in electronic music. In this period, Georgi began working on ambient, experimental and trip-hop music genres and created the solo project Bosberaad. Following Bosberaad, the Georgian artist continued his musical work on behalf of Objector Trax. Despite the fact that his working is not limited to one genre, Techno sound seemed to be important for artist’s development. In April 2017, on Marla Singer’s label Lunar was released Objector’s Violent Delights, which includes Svarog and Marla Singer’s remixes of this track as well. In addition, the artist collaborates with the Bulgarian label DVNTT, where Objector Trax will release his work in the end of the year once more. “For me, as for DJ, it is important to find a common language with the listener and to establish a specific connection that gives the opportunity to exchange information with the listener.” – Objector Trax notes that this form of interaction is very important for both the artist and the listener. As for the resident of the club, the Artist believes that despite its difficulties, it is a very good chance and opportunity for professional and personal development.