BASLP03 – Tripeo – Green Is the New Red

მოხარულები ვართ გაცნობოთ, რომ BASSIANI RECORDS-ზე რიგით მესამე ალბომი “Green Is the New Red“ ჰოლანდიელი დიჯეი და პროდიუსერის Tripeo-ს ავტორობით გამოიცემა.

A1 Tripeo – Hope In The Dark
A2 Tripeo – Green Is The New Red
B1 Tripeo – The Doughnut Is Our Safe Space
B2 Tripeo – Shifting The Overton Window
C1 Tripeo – A Call For Civil Disobedience
C2 Tripeo – Change Starts On The Fringes
C3 Tripeo – Fridays For Future
D1 Tripeo – Ego Versus Eco
D2 Tripeo – Utopia For Realists

Tripeo raises a voice for change on his new album “Green Is the New Red“ (BASLP03). “The great thing about  music is that it’s the most universal art form there is“, says the Dutch producer. “It transcends lingual and cultural barriers more than any other cultural expression and can be a catalyst for change.“

The sound of the coming revolution is manifold: Starting off with A1 “Hope in the Dark“, a soft melody unfolds. B2 “Shifting the Overtone Window“ stands out as the most bass-heavy track, with techno as its musical blueprint. Further into the album, C3 “Fridays For Future“, the artist openly states his sympathy with the global youth movement. His vision for the protest is lo-fi in sound and courageous in mood.

Never angry, this album creates urgency without uttering a word.

Release Date: 15 April 2020