2018 წელს, Bassiani Records-ზე, As We Were Saying სახით Héctor Oaks-ის საპროტესტო მუხტით გაჯერებული პირველი სრულმეტრაჟიანი ალბომი გამოიცა, რომელიც მაისის მოვლენებითა და დინამოს სტადიონის მიწისქვეშეთში არსებული ემოციური მომემენტებით იყო შთაგონებული. ზუსტად 2 წლის შემდეგ, Héctor Oaks, მის მეგობარ არტისტებთან ერთად As We Were Saying რემიქსების კრებულს გამოსცემს, რომელშიც რეივის კულტურის შესახებ მის არტისტულ ხედვებს გვიზიარებს. As We Were Saying რემიქს ეპი მოიცავს შესანიშნავი არტისტების: Dj Stingray, Zesknel, Voiski, Somewhen, Parish Smith – ის რემიქსებს.

With “As We Were Saying”, Bassiani resident Héctor Oaks presented his first full-length album. Two years later it’s time to share a new take on Oaks’ vision of rave culture. He brings together an intimate selection of fellow artists and the result is ‘often plus, never minus’ through and through.

DJ Stingray starts off with a dismantled version of “Forwarded State of Evidence”, he keeps the vocals and contrasts them with a metallic beat. Berlin’s Somewhen is next on A2 with a dancefloor-oriented version of “Is Imminent“, originally the opener of the album, now sped up and reworked.

Flipping to the B-side, things get deep: what’s striking about “Re-Improved Motto“ is how Voiski (a fellow Bassiani resident) has kept the beautiful melody of the original and steered it towards acid. Parrish Smith’s remix of “After All She Had No Reason To Stay” pushes through the darkness with a fast beat. Tribal drums and a luring melody complement the EP with “Horoom Reclusion” in a remix by Georgian artist Zesknel.

All in all, BASRMX01 has you think of sweaty club nights and pumped up dancefloors. If the cast of this remix EP was a line-up, you would definitely want to show up to the party.

Release Date: 10 July 2020