BAS008 – Voiski – Our Brilliant Failure

მოხარულები ვართ, წარმოგიდგინოთ BASSIANI RECORDS-ის რიგით მერვე რელიზი, „Our Brilliant Failure“, რომელიც ფრანგი პროდიუსერის Voiski-ს ავტორობით შექმნილი 4 კომპოზიციისგან შედგება.


A1 Voiski – Sit Down Next To Me

A2 Voiski – Chasing Shadows

B1 Voiski – TearSystem

B2 Voiski – Your Heart Starts To Race

On BAS008 we welcome Voiski and his uplifting take on techno. Cascading snares, dreamy melodies and a good dose of cosmically charged sounds make „Our Brilliant Failure“ a beautifully crafted ode to hope. The motive comes in many facets: starting off with „Sit Down Next To Me“ and it’s tightly knit melody, retrospective amalgamates with futurism. Then we dive into the roaring cave of „Chasing Shadows“, where the bass is deep and the synths cheeky. „TearSystem“ stays true to its name: rave romanticism in its crystallized form. Fading out on „Your Heart Starts To Race“ Voiski closes on a distant note, nevertheless attuned with the cosmic groove.

Artwork: Tengiz Begoidze

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Release Date: 05 August 2019